SeQual Eclipse 3 Home Oxygen Concentrator Guide

The SeQual Eclipse 3 is best described as one of the most powerful oxygen concentrators on the market, and also one of the easiest to charge and recharge, especially on the move. Though most home oxygen concentrators are a little heavier, the SeQual Eclipse 3 is rather light. At only 15 pounds, SeQual Eclipse 3 reviews always mention the weight as a major positive. Our clients use the Eclipse home oxygen concentrator for the following reasons:

  • It’s quiet – about half as loud as your home air conditioner.
  • It’s light – it weighs about as much as a small dog, like a Boston Terrier or a French Bulldog.
  • It provides continuous air flow – up to 3 liters per minute, with pulse dose options as well.

The SeQual Eclipse 3 can receive charge from both AC and DC ports, which allows you the option of charging the machine through a car charger as well. If you want to learn more, call us directly at 888-632-2235. No machines, no voicemail; speak to a US Oxygen Sales rep directly!

The Features

The SeQual Eclipse 3 is very light and easy to move around. It is also versatile, offering continuous oxygen, as well as pulse dose levels, making it the perfect concentrator for patients of almost any oxygen therapy prescription.

  • 1 to 3 liters per minute of continuous air flow, as well as pulse doses in 128, 160, and 192 milliliters.
  • Noise level: 40 Decibels (Which is less noisy than your refrigerator or any other noisy house hold appliances)
  • The Eclipse is lighter than other home oxygen concentrators: 15 pounds, with wheels for easy movement. This is one of biggest selling factors.
  • Dimensions: Length = 3 inches high X Width = 12.3 inches wide X Depth = 7.1 inches deep.
  • Altitude: Operates up to 13,213 feet above sea level.
  • FAA Flight Approval: As of 2018, the SeQual Eclipse 3 is FAA approved. The full list of all FAA approved oxygen concentrators is here:

Who Benefits Most by Using This Concentrator

  • The SeQual Eclipse 3 is a great option for people who may need continuous oxygen therapy, but want to be able to move around freely. Though portable oxygen concentrators also allow this freedom, the SeQual Eclipse 3 reviews are clear that it is a fantastic way to maintain freedom with a home oxygen concentrator.
  • If you require elevated levels of continuous oxygen flow, and were prescribed high levels by a doctor.
  • If you require an oxygen concentrator that can work at high altitude levels, or plan to travel and do not want to worry about whether or not your machine will work.
  • If you are on a budget, remember that you can purchase a preowned SeQual Eclipse 3 from US Oxygen as well!

Comparison to Other Oxygen Concentrators

The SeQual Eclipse 3 vs The AirSep Freestyle 5

We decided to compare the Eclipse to a portable oxygen concentrator, because we believe that’s why a lot of patients choose the Eclipse.

The AirSep can only deliver pulse doses, while the Eclipse can provide continuous air flow.

For a more detailed SeQual Eclipse 3 review and comparison, click this link for a full, detailed comparison between the SeQual Eclipse 5 vs AirSep Freestyle 5.

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