Best Fit: Night Time Use at Home

Everyone breathes differently when they’re asleep. As your body slows down and begins resting, your breathing follows suit and becomes shallower, causing less air intake per breath. Those who already struggle with breathing may find themselves in a dangerous situation while they sleep. Depending on your individual breathing needs, your doctor may recommend you use a portable oxygen concentrator while you are sleeping. Your doctor should assess which dosage works best to provide you with a comfortable night of sleep. When you are ready to sleep peacefully throughout the night and breathe without issues, let the team at US Oxygen Sales help you breathe easily with our wide selection of home concentrators.


Daytime Oxygen Concentrator vs. Night Time Oxygen Concentration

You might assume that using a daytime portable concentrator would be the same as using one at night, but these two uses are different. Those using a portable oxygen concentrator to help breathing at night may have to adjust the dosage that is being provided at night, as opposed to the daytime dosage of oxygen. Additionally, many people do not require a daytime concentrator, but do need assistance breathing easier throughout the night, as their intake slows down even more.
At US Oxygen Sales, we understand our clients have very specific breathing needs, and we know no two client’s breathing needs are the same. That’s why we provide a variety of portable oxygen concentrators best suited toward very specific needs. All our oxygen concentrators can be used for both daytime and night time continuous air flow; however, through years of experience in providing independence to our customers, we have found that some portable oxygen concentrators are better suited to provide quality, comfortable, night time air flow.

AirSep VisionAire 5LPM Home Concentrator

This portable concentrator is lightweight, quiet, and energy efficient. With a small frame that will fit easily near a bed, this concentrator is power efficient enough to last throughout the night. The AirSep VisionAire Home Concentrator is the perfect concentrator to use during sleep, as it will not disturb you or your partner.

Respironics EverFlo Q Home Oxygen Concentrator

Weighing only 31 pounds, this home oxygen concentrator is quiet, compact, and provides quality air flow while you sleep peacefully. The Respironics EverFlo produces less heat than other home concentrators, which requires less electricity and lower operating costs. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance. 

Respironics Millennium M10 Oxygen Concentrator

This night time oxygen concentrator is a high performing, reliable concentrator with low operating costs. With indicator lights that instantly alert the user of their oxygen levels, US Oxygen Sales recommends this concentrator for optimal nighttime use. 

Talk to your doctor to determine which dosage would be most appropriate for your nighttime breathing needs, then call US Oxygen Sales and we can handle the rest. Our team of professionals will help you find a portable oxygen concentrator that will help you, your partner, or your family member sleep peacefully throughout the night, with plenty of oxygen flow.

AirSep VisionAire 5 LPM Home Concentrator
Respironics EverFlo Q Home Oxygen Concentrator
Respironics Millennium M10 Oxygen Concentrator

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