Did you know over 210 million people suffer from COPD around the    globe?With such a high volume of COPD cases, it’s no wonder there are so many common COPD triggers. The best prevention for common COPD triggers is knowing what they are, which can help reduce the chances of experiencing COPD symptoms and help you get the most out of your portable oxygen concentrator.


Common Indoor COPD Triggers

Though you may be on oxygen therapy using one of our home oxygen concentrators for your COPD, it’s helpful to know about the indoor factors that can trigger your condition. Recognizing these triggers while you’re at home or in the office can decrease your chances of flaring up:


As a lung irritant, dust is a common COPD trigger that can easily be dealt with. Since the buildup of dust can aggravate your condition, minimize it by de-cluttering your home or workspace. Use cleansing wipes or a duster to clear any surfaces of dust. If your home or work area has carpet flooring, vacuum every other day to prevent dust buildup. Once you finally rid your space of dust, you can use a portable oxygen concentrator like the Respironics SimplyGo to receive a continuous flow of oxygen.

Pet Dander

There’s nothing like the companionship of your furry friend. Unfortunately, the buildup of pet dander in your home is also a common COPD trigger. Besides vacuuming, install non-carpet flooring to prevent pet dander buildup in addition to designating a “no pets” space at home. After cleaning up all pet dander from your home, use a home oxygen concentrator such as the AirSep NewLife Intensity 10 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator for its high oxygen flow.


Common Outdoor COPD Triggers

Now that you’ve taken the extra steps needed to remove common COPD triggers, you may like to go for a walk outside, run an errand, or watch that recently released movie you’ve been anticipating. Nevertheless, common COPD triggers exist outside as well. Taking the steps to avoid them as you’re using one of our portable concentrators can save you the stress.

Tobacco Smoke

Over the years, more people have decided to quit smoking due to the education of its harmful effects. Yet, there are a good number of people that still smoke. Keep your distance from anyone you see smoking outside; secondhand smoking can trigger a COPD attack. Carry the AirSep Focus portable concentrator by your side to easily adjust your oxygen flow in case you’re exposed to secondhand smoke.

Extreme Outdoor Temperature

Even though most folks don’t enjoy extreme temperatures, it’s especially crucial as a COPD patient to avoid harsh conditions. If it’s exceptionally hot or cold in your area, avoid going outside. Extreme temperatures are what also triggers COPD attacks.

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