Dust can be a pain to clean, especially when you have respiratory problems like COPD. No matter how much you clean, it seems like the dust keeps popping up. Dust is mainly made of plant pollen, dead skin cells, as well as fibers from clothing. When all of these particles combine, they create dust that can be detrimental for your COPD. However, there are several ways you can minimize the amount of dust and keep your oxygen concentrator and your home dust-free.

Organize Your Closet

Since dust is made up of fibers from clothing, it’s best to start with your closet. Start by using plastic boxes to store your clothing in so that the fibers from your clothing don’t spread throughout your closet, into your home. Garment bags are also a great option, because not only do they help reduce dust, but you can also save space in your closet.

Clean Your Floor

When you let things like books, magazines, and clothing pile up on the floor, you can expect dust to accumulate quicker. Also, don’t settle for cleaning around the pile; pick everything up to give your floors a nice thorough clean.

Switch Out Bedding Once a Week, or Once Every Two Weeks

Dust mites often accumulate within your sheets, pillows, and mattresses. Always make a note to switch out your bedding weekly or bi-weekly to keep your home dust-free and prevent dust from multiplying where you sleep. Take the extra mile by covering your mattress and box spring in an allergen proof cover. The dust can also accumulate when you use your home oxygen concentrator while you sleep.

Air Purifiers

These are a great way to keep your home dust-free. Air purifiers help filter dust particles in your home so that you can breathe better and get the most out of your oxygen concentrator. Furthermore, don’t settle for just one air purifier, try to have one in each room for maximum benefit.

Groom Your Furry Friends

Have pets? If so, then you need to take extra precaution to handle their grooming needs. Pets tend to produce a lot of hair, so making sure they’re well-groomed helps prevent dead skin and hair from accumulating. For cats, make sure to keep their litter box covered at all times to keep your home dust-free.

Reduce Carpeting

Besides cleaning them, carpets can be inconvenient to have when it comes to reducing dust mites. Carpets or rugs tend to hold a massive amount of dust, and will release them into the air for every step you take. A better flooring alternative for your home would be wood, tile, stone or vinyl.

With these very useful tips to keeping your home dust-free, you’ll be able to breathe easier while getting the most out of your home oxygen concentrator. Have any further questions regarding our inventory or any tips on home oxygen concentrators in general? Contact us for any questions or advice.

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