Portable oxygen concentrators put the pep back in your step and give you the option to get out there and live life to the fullest. That’s the idea, and if you’re thinking about sticking with your old hobbies, or even trying something new, then golf is a great sport to play while using an oxygen concentrator.

Golfing with a portable oxygen concentrator is easier than you think!

Why Golf Is the Best Sport for Oxygen Users

There are a number of reasons we believe that golfing with a portable oxygen concentrator is so beneficial.

  • Getting Outside

First, it gets you out of the house for a few hours which is really good for your overall physical and mental health. You know what isn’t helpful? Sitting in doors all day – use your portable oxygen concentrator to get out there and swing the links!

  • Playing at Your Pace

Another reason we recommend golf as the best sport to play with a portable oxygen concentrator is because you can set your own pace. Golf is a game that takes a few hours and if you get one of the later tee times, then no one with be rushing you along. You can also let other golfers play through. You dictate your level of excursion.

  • Less Physical Activity

Sit in a comfortable golf cart, enjoy a good breakfast before or a hearty lunch after, ask for caddy assistance. You can limit your actual back breaking physical activity while golfing with a portable oxygen concentrator.

  • Golf Carts

Check ahead and ask if your golf cart will have a charging port. Remember that a lot of portable oxygen concentrators come with AC or DC charging capabilities, so you can charge them in cars or golf carts. You won’t get that on the tennis court. The following POCs have AC/DC charging capabilities:

Some of the bigger portable oxygen concentrators can be left on the cart as well!

Tips for Golfers

Time to get swinging!

  1. Go to The Driving Range First

Before your first trip to play a full game, go to the driving range first and test your swing with while using your portable oxygen concentrator.

  1. Your Carry Case

If you need the aid of continuous flow and you cannot take off your concentrator for even a few moments during your swings, then you have no choice but to strap it tightly to your back. Keeping your portable oxygen concentrator on your hip with interfere with your swing, so slide it up behind your back!

Then be sure to tie the strap tightly. Any ‘give’ in the strap will throw off your swing, and you want to make par so that’s not going to work.

  1. Make Sure You Charge it Before You Leave!

Be sure to fully charge your concentrator before you leave the house. Take spare batteries if you have them and bring your charging cable in case you do run out and need to recharge in the club house while you eat lunch.

Need some more ideas? Check out our list of COPD summer activities.

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