Life has its ups and downs, and the only certainty is change. The only influence we have over the changes of life is how we react to it. Things can either get better or worse, they can’t stay the same. With that in mind, we want to talk about how to maintain mental health with an oxygen concentrator.

How Oxygen Will Automatically Improve Brain Function

It’s worth mentioning that your new portable oxygen concentrator is going to improve your mood and function already. Low oxygen levels have likely already negatively impacted your mental health. You should naturally see positive increases in mental health with an oxygen concentrator.

Learn More About Your New Health Aide

Most people are shocked when they are first prescribed oxygen therapy. There is very little out there to help you understand why oxygen is prescribed and though our doctors do a good job trying to explain, there is still a lot to wrap your head around.

Do the research and speak to people with oxygen concentrators. The internet is a great place to find oxygen concentrator resources. You can and should also take a list of questions with you to your next doctor visit.

And at the end of your visit, ask the doctor if they think of any resources for you to look at.

Get Support From Family

Family is so important at this time and you should lean on them as much as you can. If you are using an oxygen concentrator for the first time, then ask your family to be patient as you transition. Though a good oxygen concentrator will not impact your daily routine too much, there will be a period of adjustment regardless.

Ask them to read our guide on how to support a loved one with COPD.

If you have had your oxygen concentrator for a while and are still feeling the negative affects of adjustment, you may want to try a smaller portable oxygen concentrator like the AirSep Freestyle 3 or the AirSep Focus – or talk to a professional.

Stay Busy

The important thing during life changes like this is to stay busy and to keep your routine as close what it was before. Depression can be triggered by medical problems [1].

One of the best ways to avoid getting really down on yourself is to stay busy and work with your medical problem. Find ways to stay busy and to ensure that your portable oxygen concentrator becomes a part of your routine, and not a hinderance to it.

Leave the House

This is tip to mental health with an oxygen concentrator is closely related to the above point – you have to get out of the house. In fact, being inside all day is not only bad for your mental health, it can be a stressor on your physical health too [2].

One of the benefits of portable oxygen concentrators is that you can leave the house – take that opportunity any chance you can!



[1]: Harvard Health – What causes depression?

[2]: Time – You Asked: Is It Bad to Be Inside All Day?

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