When a family member is diagnosed with COPD, we often experience mixed emotions. On one hand, we saw the symptoms long ago, and now with a COPD diagnosis, we can fight the issues head on; however, it is still a respiratory disease and that means that we have to support our loved one.

Portable oxygen concentrators are going to be an important part of your daily life now.

The question is, how do we support a loved one with COPD when we have no experience with the disease?

Oxygen Prescriptions

There is going to be a chance that your family member will be prescribed oxygen therapy. Understanding your oxygen concentrator prescription is so important and it’s the first step to in your journey to support a loved on with COPD.

BE sure to communicate openly and honestly with the doctors that work with your loved one. They are your first and most important resource to understanding COPD and understanding how to support your family.

Understand COPD Triggers

The best form of COPD support is prevention. When you understand COPD triggers and how to avoid them, you win most battles before they are even fought.

The most common triggers are air born irritants like pollen and dust. The best way to support a loved one with COPD is to maintain a clean-living space for them.

Routine Is So Important

As with any permanent medical diagnosis, COPD can be managed with the correct routine. There are 2 aspects of routine that are so important to successfully supporting a loved on with COPD.

  1. Visits to The Doctor

Regular, scheduled doctor visits are so important. Not only will regular doctor visits prevent the disease from worsening unnecessarily, it will also give you the opportunity to talk to the doctor. Ask questions and stay informed.

Ask your doctor about exercises for people with COPD, or about diets that help people with COPD.

The important thing to do is visit regularly, especially in Spring and Winter.

  1. Taking Medication

Medication can be so difficult to manage which is why a routine can be so helpful.

Purchase a medication tracker online to help you establish a routine that works and be there to help your loved one fill their prescription. Do this by purchasing a calendar and immediately working in dates of when prescriptions should be refilled.

Always refill prescriptions a few days before they run out just in case! Stay on top of medications as much as possible.

Listening Is The Best From Of Prevention & Support

Sometimes the best way to support a loved one with any medical ailment, is just to listen and to show them you care. Make regular visit, add those visits to your scheduled routine.

Listening to them is more than just a form of comfort and support, it is also a form of prevention. You might hear something that affects their health. Listen carefully just in case!

Remember You Need Rest Too

You cannot support a loved one if you are too tired. You need to take some time for yourself as well. The best way to help them is to make sure you are still sharp enough to help. Rest when you need rest!

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