The cost of an oxygen concentrator is an important factor when we consider purchasing one. Many seniors cannot afford a portable oxygen concentrator even though they may need one badly. Some will inevitably opt for buying oxygen concentrators from China. We believe that this is a terrible mistake.

Of course, oxygen concentrators require a prescription, and understanding your oxygen prescription is important. These machines are important for your health.

Should You Buy an Oxygen Concentrator From China?

No. We always strongly recommend that patients avoid buying oxygen concentrators from China. When it comes to your own health, there is no substitute for quality.

We understand that the price of a portable oxygen concentrator may be high, but there should be no price too high for your own health.

What About Chinese Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

Because there is less regulation in China, they are not held to the same legal or medical standards as the U.S. for that reason, they are allowed to make “knock-off brand” oxygen concentrators in China that are low quality versions of American oxygen concentrators.

Please avoid buying oxygen concentrators from China that are off brand. These are low quality and will do more hardm than good.

Why Oxygen Concentrators from China Are Cheaper

Oxygen concentrators are cheaper in China because they are less regulated than the United States and they are not held to the same medical standards or legal standards as oxygen concentrator manufacturers in the U.S.

For that reason, they will reduce the quality of their machines to sell them at a cheaper price and still make a profit. The real expensive here is the damage to the patient’s health.

If you need to purchase a cheaper device, look for certified used portable oxygen concentrators first. They will save you money without devaluing quality. We highly recommend the Inogen One G4 used for sale because it is one of the best on the market for the price.

The Price You Really Pay

It’s true that oxygen concentrators can be expensive, but you have to remember that these are life saving devices. Cutting corners to find cheap oxygen concentrators will mostly like effect the quality of the device. And when it comes to your health, that is a risk you shouldn’t be forced to take.

Cheap, brand copies from China are not going to be made the same as certified portable oxygen concentrators from the States.

If budget is an issue, we encourage you to call us directly and we can work with you. We are a family owned and operated business, selling oxygen concentrators online. We work with clients to help them find good quality oxygen concentrators at cheaper prices.


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