If there is one thing that portable oxygen concentrators give you besides fresh, clean oxygen, its freedom. The freedom to go where you want, do what you want, all while taking this live changing device with you. But even so, there are some activities that worsen COPD; however, there are some summer activities that are better for COPD patients to participate in.

Enjoy the following COPD summer activities to make the most of your summer!

COPD Summer Activities

  • The Mall

The mall is the perfect summer activity for COPD patients who want to get out of the house. Indoor malls offer all comforts of home while offering something new and exciting to do. Go out there and get some shopping done, browse the latest styles, or get something to snack on at the food court.

  • Mini Golf

For the more outdoorsy types, visit your local mini golf spot. You can choose an indoor course or outdoor course; either way, you are treated to a little light exercise and fun. It’s the perfect COPD summer activity.

  • The Pool

Swimming is one of the best summer activity for people suffering from COPD. It’s a light exercise, it keeps you cool, and get gets you out of the house. You can also easily take breaks when you feel it getting too much to handle. The best of all COPD summer activities by far!

  • The Movies

Maybe catch a flick! You can stay indoors and still go on a big screen adventure. If you have to bring your portable oxygen concentrator, you can use one of the quitter portable oxygen concentrators like the AirSep Freestyle 3 or the AirSep Focus.

Tips for Summers With COPD

  • Maintain Your Oxygen Supply

No matter how you get your oxygen, through a tank or through a portable oxygen concentrator, be sure to maintain your POC  and keep it fully charged. Some oxygen concentrators come with an AC/DC adapter, allowing you to charge it in the car like the AirSep Freestyle 5.

Maintain your oxygen concentrator and charge it when the battery gets low.

  • Avoid Pollen

Pollen is everywhere in the summertime. Though you cannot avoid all pollen whilst partaking in your summer activities, you can avoid areas with the most pollen. Avoid outdoor areas that are not well maintained, areas with lots of flowers, and areas with dense grass.

  • Avoid Smoke

Avoid smoke from tobacco, camp fires, and car exhausts, which will irritate and  exacerbate your COPD symptoms. Avoid these during your COPD summer activities and be sure to keep your portable oxygen concentrator away from those fires!

  • Stay Inside on Excessively Humid Days

That doesn’t mean you have to stay at home, it just means that you should avoid staying outside too long. Humidity makes it more difficult to breathe and chances are if its that hot, you’ll be exposed to a fair amount of pollen as well. Add to that the sweltering heat and you have a recipe for breathing problems.

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