Summer is a great time to be outside, and if you have COPD, a portable oxygen concentrator provides that freedom. Unfortunately, anyone with COPD who also suffers from summer allergies may not be able to enjoy this season as much as the rest of us.

If you use a portable oxygen concentrator, you’ll have the freedom to roam around this summer, visit the pool, take trips to the mall, and visit with friends and family, don’t let COPD and summer allergies take that from you. Here are our tips to prevent summer allergies!

Avoid Allergy Triggers

Be proactive about it! The best way to prevent summer allergies from affecting your COPD is to avoid allergy causes. Here are the four most common causes of summer allergies and how to avoid each one of them:

  • Pollen:

Pollen is all over the place, how are you supposed to avoid that? Well truth be told; certain areas have more pollen than others. Avoid outside areas that are not well maintained and avoid areas with lots of flowers and dense grass.

You can sign up for allergy alerts to receive message when the pollen is at its worst.

You can also google: “pollen estimates in my area” and Google will tell you the current pollen count and how bad the air may be outside.

  • Air Pollutants:

Densely populated areas, large roads with busy traffic, and cities can and will trigger summer allergies for people suffering with COPD. Avoid roads with lots of traffic unless you’re in the car of course.

  • Dust:

Dust is a major cause of summer allergies, and anyone with COPD has to maintain a dust free home. The best way for COPD patients to eliminate dust is to change bedding once a week, remove clutter from floors, clean floors regularly, clean your house the top to the bottom (not the other way around), and be sure to dust in closets too, where dust accumulates and spreads!

  • House Cleaners:

Unfortunately, you have to maintain a clean home to remove dust, but household cleaners can also trigger allergies in COPD patients.

We have to clean more in the summer because insects and the dirt we bring into the house as we enter and exit. Try to use household cleaners that are all natural. Avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals as much as possible!

Maintain Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Maintaining your portable oxygen concentrator is a great way to avoid COPD summer allergy triggers. Try to clean and maintain your oxygen concentrator every few months; this includes right before the summer season begins. Use our in-home oxygen contractor maintenance checklist.

Clean around the tubing, send it in for servicing, and buy a new cannula. Prevent summer allergies from ruining your day by taking measure to ensure your concentrator is working to the best of its ability.

Use OTC Medications

Some over-the-counter medications are great for boosting the immune system and preventing allergies from taking hold of you.

One of the best medications to treat summer allergies is Zyrtec. You can also take more vitamin C and zinc as well.

We hope this guide has been helpful. Please contact us if you have any questions about your portable oxygen concentrator! We’re here to help.

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