Seniors with COPD who require constant oxygen therapy are going to have to bathe with their concentrators. Bathing safely with an oxygen concentrator is possible, but it requires more attention to your bathing habits than before.

Bathing or showering with an oxygen concentrator can be dangerous or expensive if the machine is broken. Below are a few nothing safety tips to keep in mind.

Safely Bathing and Showering with An Oxygen Concentrator

  • Avoid oxygen concentrator contact with water.
  • Decrease the leave of moisture in the air.
  • Be careful of water and electricity.
  • Always pay attention to your tubing, and make sure it doesn’t get tangled.
  • Go slow and take your time. Do not rush your bathing schedule.

Good Ventilation

Does your bathroom have an extractor fan? Make sure it’s on, and it’s working well. That extractor fan with decrease the level of moisture in the air.

You should also bathe or shower with the bathroom door open, if possible.

Find the Best Place to Keep Your Oxygen Concentrator

Bathing safely with an oxygen concentrator requires you to pay attention to where you keep it. Avoid water if possible. Home oxygen concentrators have wheels, allowing them to be above contact with floor water. Regardless, you should be careful when bathing with your concentrator.

If your portable oxygen concentrator is charging while in use in the bathroom, which the Inogen One G3 is capable of, you need to make sure it’s close the power source but far away from the water source. That’s a no brainier but something that should still be considered.

Showering with An Oxygen Concentrator

If you are showering, keep it far away from the shower, towards the sides of the bathroom walls, which should prevent the cannula from being pushed down by the shower curtain. Adjust your shower head setting to release a low power, well spread stream of water.

Bathing with An Oxygen Concentrator

Be sure to keep your oxygen concentrator far away from the bath, and that all plugs and sockets are also as far away from the water as possible. Place your portable oxygen concentrator on a hard surface and place towels underneath to ensure that water will not build up or splash onto the ground and then onto the concentrator.

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