Portable Oxygen Concentrators Are Changing the HME Industry

The Home Medical Equipment industry is on the verge of some very good changes, and that’s all thanks to portable oxygen concentrator distributors like US Oxygen Sales. Reports are confirming a rapid change of sentiment towards the use of oxygen concentrators. The portable oxygen concentrator market is on the rise in 2018.

More people than ever use oxygen concentrators, and that trend will continue through 2021 [1].

The numbers speak for themselves. Medicare spends $2.3 billion to rent oxygen concentrators for approximately 1.3 million beneficiaries. That means nearly EVERYONE who rents home oxygen equipment through Medicare, specifically rents oxygen concentrators [2].

Why More People Use Oxygen Concentrators

We can safely say that the oxygen industry is comprised mostly oxygen concentrators. Finding portable oxygen concentrators for sale is easier than ever. Older generations are more computer savvy than ever, and they are finding POCs online, taking back control of their medical wellbeing.

Why are more people using portable oxygen concentrators and why is the portable oxygen concentrator market increasing as a result? It’s a combination of accessibility and mobility.

These machines are becoming more powerful and smaller at the same time; providing support for even the most desperate patients. Today’s oxygen concentrators have longer lasting batteries, light weight technology, and even better flow.

Every year, the FAA adds more POC brands to the list of medical equipment that is safe to fly with.

High demand increases accessibility. Oxygen concentrator trade-in programs allow many who might have not had access to these machines the opportunity to purchase them certified preowned. The preowned Inogen One G4 portable oxygen concentrator is just one example of a popular POC that is finding its way into the homes of many people who need it desperately.

Most portable oxygen concentrator stores offer free support, easy to use websites, and cheap portable oxygen concentrators.

What Ever Happened to Oxygen Tanks?

Like most expensive, heavy devices, they are replaced by modern advances in medical technology. POCs are much better at delivering treatment, they are less dangerous, and they are cheaper.

Although they’re still present in hospitals and other medical areas, their need has decreased when compared to the increases in the portable oxygen concentrator market.



[1]: Business Wire – Oxygen Concentrators Market – Drivers and Forecasts

[2]: US Department of Health and Human Services – Medicare Home Oxygen Equipment: Cost And Servicing (PDF)

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