Weight and Size Differences of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Why do some portable oxygen concentrators weigh more than others? The weight and size differences of portable oxygen concentrators is directly related to the flow of oxygen that it delivers, as well as the battery life. That’s why stationary home oxygen concentrators weigh more than portable oxygen concentrators, and why long lasting portable oxygen concentrators weight less than POCs with low battery life.

Shop online for portable oxygen concentrators and you’ll notice that they come in all shapes and sizes. What changes is their level of delivery.

It’s all relative. To really understand the weight and size differences of portable oxygen concentrators, you must understand how oxygen concentrators work.

How Do Oxygen Concentrators Work?

Oxygen and concentration. The air we breathe is composed of 71 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, and 1 percent other gasses. Healthy lungs are good at filtering out all the other stuff, while getting in as much oxygen as they can. Unhealthy lungs with COPD or other bronchial illnesses, or older, wiser lungs, cannot get as much oxygen out of the air.

Oxygen concentrators take in air and use compressors to compress the air. These compressors are powered by the batteries.

When the air is compressed, it runs through a sieve bed which becomes saturated in nitrogen. The nitrogen is released out of the oxygen concentrator, and the oxygen is pushed through the cannula to our lungs.

When the oxygen leaves, it’s about 95 percent pure. This is a big jump from the 21 percent oxygen that entered the air inlet.

Compressors & Batteries

Bigger compressors can compress more oxygen, allowing the user to get more oxygen more often (continuous flow) while smaller compressors compress less air (pulse flow). The bigger the compressor, the purer oxygen.

Bigger compressors require bigger batteries. So, for more flow, you need bigger compressors and bigger batteries. This is why some portable oxygen concentrators are bigger and heavier than others. The weight and size differences of portable oxygen concentrators is directly related to the air flow you want to achieve.

Are Small Portable Oxygen Concentrators Worse Than Bigger Models?

Absolutely not.

All portable oxygen concentrators deliver high quality, highly purity air. Both small and large, portable and stationary concentrators deliver continuous flow. The Respironics SimplyGo is a portable oxygen concentrator with a long lasting battery that delivers continuous flow.

However, what does change is the liters per minute (LPM). Larger oxygen concentrators will deliver a higher LPM. If you require a higher prescription of oxygen, you have to use a heaver, larger concentrator.

Technology is Always Improving

Every year, oxygen concentrator technology gets better. Smaller portable oxygen concentrators are delivering more oxygen and lasting longer than ever before.

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