In-Home Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Checklist

Your portable oxygen concentrator is a part of your every day routine. Like your smart phone, your wallet, or even your car keys, your personal portable oxygen concentrator is a part of your daily life.

Of course, it’s likely to get a few bumps, scrapes, and be exposed to harsh elements over time.

Most of us won’t think of in-home oxygen concentrator maintenance unless we think that something is wrong with our POC. If you think your concentrator is broken or needs repair, call us immediately. We can talk to you about repairs, trade-ins or replacements: 1-888-632-2235. You’ll never be sent to voicemail; we always answer our phones.

Is Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator Working Properly?

If your equipment is working well and you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact a doctor and oxygen concentrator repair technician as soon as possible [1].

  • You are getting a lot of headaches
  • You feel more nervous than usual
  • Your lips or fingernails are blue
  • You feel drowsy or confused
  • Your breathing is slow, shallow, difficult, or irregular

Most POCs should be serviced every few years. The timeline for each is different, depending on how often it is used, how often it’s maintained at home, the brand, and the model. Consult your user’s manual to learn exactly how often your portable oxygen concentrator should be serviced.

Basic In-Home Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Checklist:

Be sure to keep a copy of your POC manual nearby when doing any maintenance. Everything you need to know to perform in-home oxygen concentrator maintenance is in your manual and can be found in the index. You can refer to the directions in your manual on cleaning, and to learn what signs of aging you might be able to spot on your concentrator.


  1. Check all the connections between the tubes and the oxygen supply to ensure they are not leaking.
  2. Make sure the battery is making good contact when you change it out.
  3. Check the charging cables and ensure they are connected correctly.

Testing Oxygen Purity

  1. Make sure oxygen is flowing freely.
  2. If your POC has a gross particle filter, it should be cleaned regularly and replaced periodically.
  3. Check all the air filters on your POC. Those should also be cleaned regularly and replaced periodically, depending on your model. Most filters should be replaced once every two years, or when necessary.


  1. Never turn your portable oxygen concentrator back on until it is DRY.
  2. Make sure your POC is switched off and unplugged.
  3. Pay close attention to air inlets when cleaning.
  4. Cannula should be cleaned at least once a week. Wash it in warm, soapy water. Rinse in a cup of 10 ounces of water and one ounce of vinegar. Rinse again with hot water and let dry for 30 minutes.

Purchasing New Accessories

All POCs come with every accessory you need for it to function at an optimal level. For example, the Respironics SimplyGo Mini has a carry case for the concentrator and all the accessories; it’s durable and affordable.

  1. Cannula: You should always have a spare cannula and with you at all times. You should also replace your cannula every 2-4 weeks. If you get a cold or the flu, replace the cannula when you feel better [2].
  2. Bag: An extra bag is not necessary because most portable oxygen concentrators are sold with high quality bags. Purchase a new bag if your bag has worn out at the straps to ensure you don’t drop it.
  3. Batteries: Portable oxygen concentrator batteries are long lasting and built to withstand extensive use. A back up battery is not necessary, but it may prove helpful for travel or in the rare case that your battery no longer holds a charge for as long as it did prior.

Basic in-home oxygen concentrator maintenance is simple and should be done every three months, at minimum.



[1]: – Using oxygen at home

[2]: National Institute of Health – High-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in adults

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