Although the reasons for portable oxygen concentrators are usually out of necessity, how do people feel about these devices that become such an important part of their lives? Once you have been prescribed an oxygen concentrator, most people will eventually get used to it. These machines become such an important part of our lives.

US Oxygen Sales received survey data that allows us to understand these people much more.

US Oxygen Sales was fortunate enough to receive the results of a survey conducted by VivaSpire, a tech company trying to create a new, lightweight oxygen delivery device for people suffering from pulmonary illness.

The most common obstacle for people who use oxygen concentrators us steps/stairs.

The aim of the survey was to discover more about the people who use oxygen concentrators every day. If you would like to take part in this oxygen concentrator survey, you still can. Any information you share is anonymous and will be used to understand people who use oxygen concentrators every day.

Before using a portable oxygen concentrator for the first time, most people felt embarrassed, sad or afraid to use one.

After using it, most people felt trust. They knew that this machine was going to change their lives and help them!

Most people had to stop traveling, visiting family, and working after being prescribed oxygen. Additionally, the three most hated things about oxygen concentrators are the weight, size and style.

Most people who are prescribed oxygen concentrators use 2 LPM while resting or sleeping and 7 LPM while exerting effort.

US Oxygen Sales has made it a point to offer free oxygen concentrator trials so that our customers can find a concentrator that works for them, allowing them to travel and even work.

Most people who require oxygen therapy use it 24 hours a day.

We ask that our customers talk to us directly and share their fears or hesitations with us. We have been in the oxygen concentrator business for decades and we have help thousands of people find a concentrator that works for them.

Look at these results and decide where you lie.

Then call us and let us help you find the right portable oxygen concentrator for you.

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