If you have a medical condition that requires you to receive oxygen therapy, you may be thinking that an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank can do the trick when it comes to assisting your breathing; however, it is important to know that the two devices are very different, and when purchasing an oxygen concentrator, US Oxygen Sales can help you find the safest option for your breathing needs.

  1. Supply. Oxygen tanks have a certain amount of oxygen supplied inside and they need to be replaced when the oxygen runs out. On the other hand, oxygen concentrators take air from one system, modify it, and then purify it before delivering it to the body.

An oxygen concentrator will leave you with a continuous air supply, rather than one that needs to be continuously replaced. Although this is the major difference between the two, US Oxygen Sales explains how there are several other attributes that distinguish oxygen tanks from oxygen concentrators.

  1. Leaks. Oxygen concentrators create oxygen as needed, limiting the concern for oxygen leaks. Oxygen tanks can leak and create an atmosphere of enriched air, causing safety concerns from having saturated air combining with oxygenated air.

The leakage of the saturated air from the oxygen tank, combining with oxygen, brings an increased chance of fire ignition. Oxygen concentrators eliminate this concern.

  1. Consistency. Oxygen tanks can run out of oxygen and the constant need for supply can be exhausting. While oxygen tanks may have their limits, oxygen concentrators extract oxygen from the air and create an unlimited supply to the consumer.

Therefor, the same consistent dose of oxygen is administered throughout use of an oxygen concentrator.

  1. Cost. Prices vary from oxygen tanks to concentrators. While the upfront price of an oxygen tank may seem ideal, it is important to keep in mind that you will have to purchase many throughout the year, in order to have a continuous supply.

Although the price of oxygen concentrators may seem expensive, it will last you in the long run. Plus, with companies like US Oxygen Sales, you can find an affordable oxygen concentrator online, at a price and convenience that you can afford.

  1. Size. Perhaps one of the most important aspects for consumers is the size of their oxygen source. Oxygen tanks can be very large and heavy, which is not efficient for daily, on-the-go use. This is when many people turn to oxygen concentrators, since they can be found in various sizes.

US Oxygen suggests that if you are in the market for oxygen therapy equipment, oxygen concentrators offer the portability that most oxygen tanks lack.

  1. Features. Oxygen tanks don’t have features, they simply provide the oxygen at a rate of speed that you can determine by adjusting the nozzle. Oxygen concentrators are designed with features to make life easier.

For example, warning alarms to remind the user to recharge the device, alarms to ensure the user knows when the oxygen dosage adjusts, and timer systems that keep track of how much time the oxygen concentrator has been used.

Final Thoughts: Considering the numerous options for oxygen therapy is important for your health. Because oxygen must be prescribed, it’s important to discuss options with your physician, who will recommend which form of oxygen delivery is best suited for your particular needs.

U.S Oxygen Sales of Boca Raton knows that it is important for patients to know the difference between oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators, so call us today and get to breathing a better life tomorrow!


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